Arzu Dirin Ballet Academy, is a combination of novelty and years of experience in ballet education in Ankara. Inherited 25-year experience of Görsel Ballet School (founded in 1991 and had hundreds ballet students in Ankara), the Academy has had an institutional new structuring accompanied by various artistic and pedagogical innovations in fall 2016.

The two artistic directors, Gülay Sargın and Arzu Dirin are former prima ballerinas at the Ankara State Opera and Ballet. All teachers are professional dancers and have pedagogical proficiency.

At the academy, ballet students are 3 to 20 years old. Besides, courses on music, drama, modern dance, jazz dance are available for all ages. Technical and artistic instructions on ballet, dance and music are supported with additional qualities; such as posture, walking, being poised, acting in harmony, strengthening memory on movements.

We aim to enhance students to appreciate art performances and being a good audience member in ballet, in modern dance and in music. Accordingly, throughout the year we organise both for students and parents, attendance to various art performances, art talks with professionals, slide shows and video screenings.

We provide specialised courses supporting the classes at the Conservatory Music and Ballet School and also courses for its entry exams.